Global objectives :

  • Promoting the integration of poor and vulnerable people in the economic and social system of the country, abstraction made by the territorial targeting;
  • Contributing to the promotion of the country terroirs;

Specific objectives :

  • To Impulse the creation of generative micro projects of employment and stable income;
  • To Value the resources of the specificity of different territories;
  • To Promote the spirit of the collective entrepreneurship and the creativity;
  • To encourage the specialization in the AGR projects;
  • To Promote the value chain approach in the creation of AGRs

The program targets particularly, within the most disadvantaged social strata, holders grouped within eligible instance (Cooperatives, GIE, Assosciations…):

  • The unemployed young people, in precarious situation;
  • The women in precarious situations and marginalization;
  • The disabled people;
  • The active elderly;
  • The people exercising activities in small business sector as crafts, in particular those rare or endangered;
  • The holders of good initiatives in local product development;
  • The needed people with leaders project susceptible to encourage the creation of networks

Note: Encouraging holders of AGR to be organized within cooperatives or Economic Interest Groups (GIE) and encouraging holders of AGR already in activity to be organized within cooperative form.

Generative activities of income in particular are eligible to INDH funding under the following criteria:

  • Projects that help in the socioeconomic insertion of the young people and the other target categories of the INDH;
  • Projects allowing the development of the sectors of the agriculture and the breeding, the small business sector like crafts, tourism and sea fishing;
  • projects within a chain value carried by the young people such as plumbing, the mechanics, the electricity and others;
  • Projects in business trade and industry such as the catering, the transformation or processing of vegetables and fruits, ébénesterie and others;
  • Projects aiming at the development of the new information technologies such as cybercafés and others…
  • Support the creation of the activities allowing the increase of the income of the small exploitants, the strengthening of the food safety thanks to the increase of the food-producing production and to the development of the techniques of transformation or processing and storage;
  • Support for the creation of business to improve the living conditions of the beneficiaries populations;
  • Support the activities of environmental protection