17-05-2014-New social projects in Beni Mellal: strong royal momentum to INDH programs

New social projects in Beni Mellal: strong royal momentum to INDH programs - 30/08/2017

HM King Mohammed VI inaugurated, on Saturday in Beni Mellal, several INDH projects, giving thus a new and strong momentum to this large-scale project meant to upgrade the human capital and improve the living conditions of populations in the different Moroccan regions.

They are the Al Quds multipurpose social center, the Lallla Aicha socio-cultural center, a home for the elderly in Beni Mellal, a multipurpose social center in the commune of Kesbat Tadla, a home for mothers in the El Ksiba commune, and a student home in the commune of Ouled Youssef.
 These projects, carried out for an amount of nearly 35.8 million dirhams, seek to reinforce community-based facilities, promote the conditions of women and young girls, improve the living conditions of local populations, and fight illiteracy, school drop-out, exclusion and poverty.
 On this occasion, the sovereign visited the Al Quds multipurpose social center which is divided into seven departments: kids and youth in difficult situation, vocational training, women in difficult situation, abandoned disabled kids, autistic kids, deaf mute awareness raising, and the promotion of income-generating activities.
 This new social center seeks to ameliorate the socio-professional competences of young people and women, promote the social integration of special needs people, support women in difficult situation and take care of abandoned disabled kids.
 398 INDH projects were carried out, between 2011-2014, in the province of Beni Mellal for over 137 million dirhams. The INDH contributed with up to 88.06 million dirhams.
 Benefiting nearly 105,000 people, these projects fall within the framework the INDH four programs, namely the program of fighting social exclusion in the urban area (130 projects), the program of fighting poverty in the rural area (63 projects), the program of fighting precariousness (18 projects) and the horizontal program (187 projects).
 Concerning the implementation of the 5th INDH program (territorial upgrading program), it is scheduled over 2011-2015 to carry out in the Tadla Azilal region several projects related to roads, electrification, education, health and drinking water.
 Worth 542.5 million dirhams, these projects consist of building 109.2 km and developing 22 km of roads, connecting 216 villages to the electric grid, supplying 86 villages with drinking water, constructing 134 houses for teachers and 21 units for the medical and paramedical staff and purchasing 5 ambulances.